Thursday 11 April 2013

Ahoy There, It's the Birthday Boy

Earlier this week I posted about a pirate birthday card I'd made for Ian who celebrated his fifth birthday last Saturday. 

Birthday celebrations were put on hold as Saturday was a busy day for his family.  They were attending a wedding where his Dad was one of the groomsmen.  A couple of days later photos  appeared on his Mum's Facebook page and with her agreement I can share them here to show how smart Ian looked and how gorgeous his sister Olivia was on the day.

This photograph was taken after the marriage ceremony with Ian back on in front of his Mum and Olivia at the bottom of the steps.  I'm wondering if she presented the bride with a horseshoe.  Their Dad is the groomsman standing to the left of the Catherdral door. 

Looks like Ian wasn't done out of his party though as here's the cool dude with his fabulous dinosaur cake celebrating with friends.

Then out to the garden for a breather to blow bubbles.

Thanks for taking a look in today to see some of the younger members of our family.
Liz xx