Friday 18 April 2014

Easter Bits and Pieces

In the last post there were two lots of lovely Spring flowers being used as props.  These were an arrangement from Lilian, a friend I sometimes make cards for, along with a bunch of daffodils from her own garden.  Set beside the Easter boxes they made a lovely display on the coffee table.  The bright yellow and purple combination in the flowers works so well.

Unfortunately the daffys and the boxes have gone but instead this lovely card made by my niece to say thank you for the Easter boxes has arrived.  I think her Granny may have had a helping hand in this as I recognise the stickers as a freebie from a craft magazine as I've still got them in my sticker box. 

I've said that the origami box making addiction has spread through the crafting groups and below is a picture of one which Carol was making during our craft session on Tuesday.  I really like how she's alternated the two colours of card to make the bows and then the paper flower sits perfectly in the middle.  This box, full of chocolate Easter goodies, is off to Glasgow with her as she's donating it as a prize at their Stampin' up away weekend.  I'm looking forward to Tuesday to hear what they've been getting up to this weekend and to get inspiration from the shoebox swaps she brings back.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and don't eat too much chocolate.

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Liz xxx

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  1. I love all your Easter bits and bobs, great makes there. Your display is lovely. Carol's origami box for the SU weekend away is neat too....I bet they'll have a great time.
    I'm normally really good and decorate an Easter tree and do an egg hunt here but playing catching up from the holidays this week, I seem to be lagging behind.
    Best I get organised!

    Enjoy your Easter, hugs Erika. x