Saturday 22 December 2012

Cards from Crafting Buddies and Family

I had to share some of the lovely cards I've received this year from some of my crafting buddies and also my Mum and an Auntie.  Some more have arrived since I took these and I'll add them next year when the tree comes down and hopefully we'll have more day light instead of the grey skies, wind and rain we've had this past week.  Lots of talent on show here and I hope they don't mind me sharing it with you.

Carol's card

Wilma's card

Rhona's card

Ann's card

Lorraine's card

Heather's card

Anne's card.  Anne made this card for each of us and she coloured the hair on the image to match three members of the crafting group.  This is Anne herself, Carol and I as we are the three over fifties with shades of grey.

Cards by Auntie Liz
For Alan and I

For Elaine and Ian

My Mum's cards
For Alan and I

For Elaine

For Ian

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these cards and meeting my two little assistants.  As I said in the last post I  have a soft spot for snowmen. 

Thanks for taking a look today.
Liz xx

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