Friday 8 March 2013


A posting on this blog is long overdue as this is only the third one this year.  I especially needed to get back on here and thank the newest followers and apologise to those who might pop in regularly to see what I've been up to.  Although there haven't been regular posts I have been crafting and have  pictures saved ready to share.

At the start of the year it took a while to spark any enthusiasm for card making after the last minute Christmas splurge but also, thanks to an Auntie, my love of knitting was rekindled.  Twenty years ago it used to be the norm for me to have a piece of knitting on the go but I haven't done much since as knitted garments fell out of fashion.  

Auntie Ann was in Aberdeen for three weeks to have radiotherapy following surgery for breast cancer and stayed at Clan House.  During her stay she asked if I'd take her to the local wool shop Wool for Ewe as it had been recommended to her by a friend.  Off we went one afternoon and I hadn't realised how many different types of yarn and material there are available to knit with now as well as different plys.  Ann chose wool to knit scarves with and also to knit novelties for WI competitions.  I lost track of how many scarves she knitted during her stay here but as well as knitting for family, and one for me, she also donated a few to the Clan House sales table. 

This is the one she knitted for me.

The temptation in the shop got too much for me and I bought a couple of balls of wool to have a go too and these are the scarves I made.

We had another visit to Wool for Ewe before Ann's treatment finished and, being well and truly bitten by the bug, I couldn't resist getting some more wool.  The second scarf is knitted ribbon and is really effective and quick to make as the loop hole is already punched out for you whereas with the wool ones you have to decide where the loop hole is.

I've been back to the shop again and am now knitting a little duffle coat.  It was nice to come back to knitting again whilst the enthusiasm for card making went on the back burner. 

Thanks for reading today and I'll be back to share more soon.
Liz xx


  1. Wow, Liz. These are totally gorgeous, just love the colours. I loved knitting when the kids where young still have wool lying about in a drawer somewhere, did make a couple of shoulder bags a few years back, before i took up card making to keep me out of mischief. I actually had forgotton how to cast on lol! Lovely to see you blogging. Carolxx

  2. Well you have certainly been busy Liz and these are lovely. Isn't the spotty one unusual! Hugs Susan x

  3. Fabulous scarves Liz, such wonderful blends of colours.

    B x