Tuesday 21 May 2013

Amour à Paris....part 1

On Sunday we attended the surprise engagement party of my friend's son and his girlfriend.  Two weeks ago Niall took Steph on a surprise weekend to Paris and proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Niall put a lot of thought, planning and preparation in to making the event perfect and here are the happy couple showing off the ring following the proposal.

We had a lovely time celebrating with them and their family and friends and Kathleen (Niall's Mum) had put on a huge hot and cold spread of savouries and sweets along with garnishes and breads.  It had been a hectic morning for them trying to get the happy couple out of the way so that they could prepare and decorate but all was perfect and even the sun shone.   Here are a few pictures of the day.

Niall and Steph with their beautiful engagement cake.

The figurines decorating this cupcake stand were supposed to represent how long Niall kept Steph waiting before proposing to her.  There's a little diamond ring dangling on the end of the fishing rod.

The theme for the decorations was pretty vintage with a French flavour and I think you'll agree that it was indeed very pretty.

As well as the beautiful cake there were cupcakes with matching toppers and I was fortunate enough to be given this one to take home for me

and this one for Elaine.

I've taken out my best china to photograph the cupcakes with.  Before getting married I collected a tea set and a dinner set in this pattern and apart from the salt and pepper both sets have remained unused.  I think I'll need to christen this cup and saucer before putting them back in the cupboard again.  The little doily was cut using an X-cut die.

This post has ended up so full of photos of the day that I'll start a new post with the engagement card I made for them.

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Liz xx

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  1. It all looks beautiful congratulations to the happy couple! Susan x