Monday 18 July 2011

Lady In Red - Card Inspired by a Mary Stewart print - Rosa Deep Secret

 This is a card I made for my son's girlfriend.  About a month ago my friend and I had a day out and browsed around the shops at Milton of Crathes, Banchory, Aberdeenshire.  Whilst browsing around the Wee Boorachie I saw this print and I immediately thought of Rowena, my son's girlfriend.  It was Rowena's lovely skin and beautiful mane of dark hair which first impressed me and I loved how she could pile it up on her head, just as the lady in this print.  With her birthday fast approaching I decided to buy it for her, brought it home and got my son's approval. However, I then wished I'd bought the matching greetings card.  This thought never left my head and two days before her birthday I phoned the shop to check if they still had the matching card and went back and got it to use as an element in the card I intended making for her.  This is the end result.  Hopefully because this is a personal gift and not for financial gain I haven't breached any copyright regulations.

I've tried to find a direct link to Mary Stewart to further promote her work but drew a blank other than the information below which I took from a site selling her greetings cards.

"Mary Stewart is a renowned artist based in Dunfermline in Scotland. She is a well known artist, producing a wide portfolio of illustrative prints. They feature whimsical characters and have a wide appeal, especially to those who appreciate a beautiful flower or two!
A number of the prints have been produced as greetings cards. Mary ensures that these cards are a close representation of the original art
© Mary Stewart Ltd"
Mary Stewart Limited Muircockhall Farm Kingseat Road Dunfermline KY12 0TQ Scotland. Telephone: +44 (0) 1383 732 626 

Hopefully this will be of help if anyone wishes to find out more about the original artist.

Thanks for reading
Liz x


  1. Beautiful card and print. I'm sure they were well received.

    Edna x

  2. Hi

    Mary died suddenly from Cancer in 1997 aged 47. A real loss.
    try or send a note to the address you have above. We have stock of cards and a few prints.