Monday 25 July 2011

Pearl Anniversary

I had the pleasure of being able to make this Pearl Anniversary card for another set of friends who celebrated thirty years of marriage together on the 17th of July.  The husband jokingly said he could have committed murder and been released during that periond of time so I replied that I hoped he wasn't equating his marriage to a prison sentence.  

I love making this shoe card and don't think I'll ever get tired of using the template to make it.  There's another pearl and silver anniversary coming up soon so I'll be posting more of the same in the future.  This one had to be slightly tweeked as I had trouble getting the silver border peel-offs to stick and going around the heel of the shoe proved most difficult.  I ended up rubbing over the peel-off so much, trying to make it stick, that silver transferred onto the sole so some camouflaging had to be done.  I quite often enjoy the challenge of trying to hide mistakes and sometimes they turn out happy mistakes. Instead of having one paper rose decorating the heel, as I usually do, I continued a line of them around it and I quite like the effect.  It covered up wonky cutting and curling up peel-offs so I think I'll add this touch to the shoes from now on.

Materials used to make this card are listed in this previous post.

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