Wednesday 14 September 2011


Thank you to those of you who visited last week and left a comment.

This is WOYWW? this week.  I'm hoping a birthday card for my daughter's boyfriend will appear from what's on the table today as it's his birthday tomorrow which means I don't have long to play about with this one.  Sometimes when you're under pressure it's amazing what you manage to come up with.

I'm hoping to make a four square card with each square covering one of his interests and as Elaine and Andy met at a photography class I'll need to cover that one.  Elaine bought him a light reflector disc for his birthday which arrived in a carry bag about the size of a large dinner plate.  She decided to take it out and check it to make sure that it was okay, which was a good idea, but it sprang open to about the size of a hula hoop and could we figure out how to fold it up and put it back in it's bag.  Of course there were no instructions with it.  Eventually I suggested she use google to search for instructions which led her to a you tube video and here's how it's done.  Amazing what you can find on there.

Right, I'd better away and get this card put together.

Thanks for reading today
Liz x

PS  this was the end result of the WOYWW?


  1. Oh wow great new stuff. Love them all.
    Happy WOYWW. Sandy #1

  2. Hope you get your card sorted and have fun with getting it back into the bag
    Happy woyww

  3. hope the card comes together as planned...and had to pop and watch the video. reminds me of when I worked at the Early Learning Center..and trying to get the pop up tents back into the boxes.

  4. Love that camera die - it's so sweet!
    You had me in stitches here, imagining how that light reflector disc muct have looked springing open!
    Thanks for sharing - and putting a huge smile on my face.
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    aka Sheleen at PatchworkApples

  5. LOL what a fab story. I guess they are like those pop up tents that dont go down either.

  6. Well, I think the card will be great - nothing like a deadline. I instantly knew about the trouble withthe light reflector - me and DH watched and laughed till we cried, trying to watch friends of ours re-bag a pop up tent. For some reason, DH then just managed to walk over to it and wrestle it perfectly back to it's dinner plate shape. I can't repeat what they said to him.!

  7. Sorry I am so late getting by this week but I wanted to pop by and visit your blog to say hello and to see what you are up to! Didn't have the time to post(except about newest Doswell addition) or craft the past two weeks due to being in Virginia visiting with the son's family to see the newest granddaughter born. Definitely a fun time none the less. Hope you have a great week. Vickie aka okienurse

  8. Just too cute. The softness of the colors you have selected that is stunning and the image just makes me smile! Thanks for sharing your creation with us this week at Papercraft Star! I hope you'll play along with us again soon!
    gifts for boys