Wednesday 12 October 2011


Thank you if you stopped past last week and left a comment on my posting.

This is my picture for WOYWW? this week.  I'm trying to put together a card to enter the Sugar Bowl Challenge and I'm struggling with the colouring of the pillow on this image which is called Pillow Talk from the Sugar Nellie range of stamps which can be bought from Funky Kits.  This is the layout inspiration for the challenge.

This is the colour inspiration.

Hopefully I'll get to grips with the colouring but at the moment I'm thinking of glittering the pillow instead.

This is what's also on my table and I'm wondering if any of you crafters know how to put a plastic card back together.

I'm having a senior moments week this week as yesterday I was looking forward to going to our Crafting Bee and discovered that it's next week but on Monday I really bloopered. When the post arrived on Monday I opened my letter from Boots which contained a replacement advantage card.  Normally I would have set it aside, signed and sorted it later but I took out the old one, cut it up, signed the new card, put it in my wallet and put the envelope and letter beside the door to go out for recycling.  Very efficient.  After tea my daughter was drying the dishes for me and happened to glance at the recycling pile and shrieked "Mum, have you been opening my mail".  Oooops.... you've guessed.  The new replacement card was not for Mrs E. but Miss E. who had been waiting for her new card for weeks.  She now had a card with her mother's signature on it and I had destroyed mine.  There are two things to learn from this and that is to read addresses carefully before you open mail and don't give your children the same initial as yourself.

Hope everyone has a good crafting week and that I survive to WOYWW? next week.

Thanks for reading
Liz xx


  1. Oops to the Boots card! I could tell you a really funny story about my old neighbour whose two sons shared his initial, there were always confusing letters arriving in that house! Hope you got the card sorted, love the greens, my favourite colour.

    Brenda 88

  2. Liz give me a shout if you want any advice regarding your canvas. I look forwards to seeing your SB challenge card finished...isn't that kitchen fab. I think Gayle and I will be fighting over it, LOL.
    Good luck sorting out your Boots cards...I simply can't find mine so haven't used it in ages.
    Happy crafting,

  3. Funny story, lol.Love the colour inspiration- I adore green.Running a bit late this week, have a good week, Shaz

  4. Ooops, sorry but thats so me!!! Opening everyones mail, not reading the names properly, but I dont have the same excuse, as I was VERY careful NOT to name any of the kids with the same intial as any one else, well, until I got to Youngest that is, oops!!