Wednesday 10 June 2015

A trip home and a missed anniversary

There was no time to discuss any wedding thoughts and plans with Elaine and Andy when they came back as mum had received a letter with an appointment date for her knee joint replacement operation and was travelling down from Orkney to Aberdeen that week. It was hard to believe that after having her operation on the Saturday she flew back to Orkney the following Tuesday afternoon. She had the option of staying in the local hospital for a few days to recuperate but decided she wanted home to her own house and with hindsight I should have travelled home with her rather than follow on a few days later.

Friends and family who know me well are aware that I am not a confident driver and do not like making sea trips but on this occasion, and because the weather forecast was excellent, I decided to take the car on the ferry and sail from Aberdeen to Orkney.

Taking the car with me was a good decision as it allowed me to take mum out and about and to attend appointments whilst she recovered. These trips out were made even more enjoyable as the weather during my stay was beautiful. For the first time in years I ended up sunburnt whilst weeding. Mum's knee problems meant that she hadn't got around to flower planting but had got vegetables planted and the weeds were taking over the potatoes. 

This is a view from Mum's garden along with a few pictures of some of her flowers. Notice that there's not a cloud in the sky in this view looking down over Kirkwall towards St. Magnus Cathedral where Alan and I had got married thirty years ago. During my trip home I missed our pearl wedding anniversary. In the scurry of many events, including Ian's birthday, I hadn't even made a card to leave behind for Alan and a bought one had to do instead.

To make up for my lack of effort here are photos of hand made cards we received from family and friends. 

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