Friday 19 June 2015

Wedding Stationary - Part 3

The last piece of wedding stationary to write about is the favour box/place setting.  At Christmas time it's become a tradition that we have fudge made to the recipe of a school friend's mum. Elaine is carrying on this tradition and she and Andy also made and boxed up fudge to make wedding favours for friends. Elaine decided that she wanted to do the same for their own wedding so I made up the boxes and Elaine and I made the nine batches of fudge needed to fill them. As well as each of the guests having a box of fudge, chocolate buttons for the little ones, extra boxes were made to give out to those who helped in various ways on the wedding day.

The lids of the boxes were made from card printed with the same Nitwit Collections backing paper as was used for the invitations and the inside of the box base was lined with either dark green pearlescent paper for the gentlemen or light green parchment paper for the ladies. This used up lots of the scrap paper created from crafty mistakes along the way.  Making all the lids and bases for these boxes was made a lot easier using my trusty Scor-pal to do all the scoring.

The box and lid were held together by a name label attached to a length of ribbon. The ribbon was threaded through a ribbon slider at the back of the box to keep it all securely in place.  As well as each guest having their own keepsake box to take home if they wanted, the boxes were also used as place setting names and decoration for the dining tables. The table was also decorated with punched out love birds which had been an embellishment used on other pieces of the stationary and this was another way of using up pieces of scrap paper. The love bird theme carried over to their wedding cake as Elaine found a cute little ornament of two love birds which sat on the top tier.


Once the boxes, wraps and fudge were made the next task was to put it all together. The first stage was putting six pieces of fudge in to self sealing ATC bags and Alan helped me with this task.  At the end of it he decided that he wasn't cut out for the monotony of repetition work.  The pictures below show everything set out ready to put together.

Next the packets of fudge were put in the boxes and a name or thank you wrap attached to each. The whole process took most of a day and, although there was a lot of work involved in the making and filling of the favour boxes, it was satisfying to lay them all out and photograph at the end.

The last four posts have covered the wedding stationary for Elaine and Andy's wedding.  Next to come are the wedding cards I made for them.

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  1. Wow Liz you've done a super job there, that fudge looks delish and the boxes are beautiful.
    Hugs Erika. x

  2. These are amazing, too! =)
    Thank you for joining us at Decorate to Celebrate!
    The Leaf Studio

  3. WOW....all of your hard work has turned out GORGEOUS!!!!! How special all that is and no doubt the Bride and Groom is so beyond thrilled!!!!!

  4. WOW! these are amazing and that cake is beautiful. Thank you for joining us over at Decorate to Celebrate.